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A calcium supplement helps you to meet your everyday nutrient requirement when you are unable to get it met from food items alone. Presently, you can find a number of supplements of the nutrient in the market.
These supplements come as chewable and soluble tablets. If you eat a chewable calcium tablet, it does not mean that your body will have a hard time aborting the nutrient. Now, let us read a bit about a body’s calcium needs.

The need

There are plenty of reasons that define the importance of the nutrient in the body. The most common reason is that the nutrient is beneficial for bones. The bones are made of hard salt and require it consistently for their proper functioning; this hard salt can be supplied to bones by calcium. As per Human Physiology, a book written by Dr. Lauralee Sherwood, our heart requires the nutrient for its proper functioning as well; further, the nutrient helps in muscle contraction, too. After witnessing a bit about the need, let us read up on how to consume calcium.

The consumption

Whether you consume the nutrient from food or supplements, you are it in the form of salts. These salts contain a positively charged particle of the nutrient and a variable identity particle that is negatively charged. However, a body does not consume such salts directly. The common calcium salts found in a supplement include carbonate, phosphate, and citrate. After consumption, read up on the nutrient’s absorption.

The absorption

A body, in general, absorbs the salts (that are in the nutrients) in the same way like any other body does the rate of the absorption is slightly different (but no glaring differences are found, though). An article, Nutrition in Clinical Practice, that was published in 2007 says that calcium regardless of its cost and its type can be absorbed in the human body without hassles. Whether it consumes a chewable pill supplement or non-soluble pill supplement, a body’s stomach can break down and dissolve these salts easily.

The exceptions

The absorption rate of the nutrient’s salts by a body can get altered, depending on which other supplements it is consuming. If a body consumes zinc and iron supplements, it can take some time to absorb the calcium salts. If you are taking heavy iron supplements, it is advisable to consume calcium supplements in some other part of the day.

With these points, we hope we have cleared your few doubts about calcium supplements and the nutrient’s absorption.



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