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Green Whole Food Supplements are packed full of nutrition. There are so many different Green Whole Food Supplements out there, it sometimes gets confusing! Hopefully this article will have helped to clear the muddy waters for you. Always remember that the company who manufacturers your Green Food is very important… as the product is only as good as the company who makes it is.

What are the benefits of using Organic Green Super Food Powders? I’ve found that if people are not really convinced that something that doesn’t necessarily taste like a dessert is helping them or at least has the potential to help them, most people won’t stick with it. People today are too worried about the PRESENT (the taste right now) and they don’t think enough about the FUTURE (the benefits they can realize over time from taking supplements that don’t taste like “cookies.”) Green Foods are one of those things that people need to become convinced about, and that’s what I’m going to try to do here in this article.

Organic Green Super Foods are what I call a Foundation Product. If you pick a good one, it will build your immune-system, detox your liver, clean up your blood, give you energy and a HOST of other things. It can replace multiple vitamins. You absorb so much more from a Green Super Foods powder than you do multiple vitamins. Multiple vitamins are not really food and when you ingest them, your body says, “What is this? I don’t know what to do with this?” and you end up excreting out far more than you absorb… But that isn’t the case when you take Green Super Food Powders. I’ve seen people’s blood counts improve in just a matter of a few days, energy comes back into their body, their immune-system becomes stronger and is able to fight off diseases. It is not a “cure-all” but I call it a Foundation product… one that EVERYONE should be on.

Let’s face it, most people today don’t eat very good diets… too much FAST FOODS, JUNK FOODS and not near enough fruits and vegetables or whole grains. That is where a good Green Super Food Powder comes in! If it is a good one, it will help to detox the body of the bad stuff being ingested and at the same time, it will fill in the gaps, all the missing vitamins and minerals that are missing from eating food that is devoid of them.

Products that are SIMPLE in their formula, are the BEST. When you have 20 ingredients or more (and many of the brands on the market do), many times, people will have a reaction to the product and they won’t have a clue as to which ingredient is the problem.

Another important factor to investigate is the company that makes the product. Are they a reputable company? Do they cut corners? Can you be sure that what is listed on the label is actually in the product? Are they over priced? Personally, I do not like MLM companies (you know, the kind where you sign up someone and they sign up someone and you make money off of the people who they sign up – kind of like Amway) because their products are 9 times out of 10 way over priced so that everyone on the UPLINE can make money. You will find that quite a few of the GREEN SUPER FOOD POWDER companies are MLM companies. Another thing to consider is, does the company have a money-back customer satisfaction policy? That is important.

TASTE is a HUGE factor. Honestly, some of the products taste like you are licking the bottom of a lawnmower! It’s really hard to look forward to getting up in the morning and making a green drink when you can hardly choke it down. If you can find one that tastes good, it will be much easier to stick with it.

You should try a product for a month, and see if you can notice an improvement in your health. Two things to remember when you do this is. #1. Where are you already on the scale of health? If you are already at a 10, on a scale of 1 to 10, then you shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t notice any improvements. But you can at least count on the product helping you to maintain your good health. But if you are at say a 3 or a 4, if it is a good product, it will be like a “shot in the arm” for you. There are many people who will take a product for a month and then say, “Well, I don’t think it did anything for me.” I tell them, “OK, stop taking it and see if you notice anything in a week or so,” and many times they will come back and tell me that the changes of improvement were so slow they didn’t notice how much better they felt until they stopped taking the product all together. Then they saw a big difference. So give it a shot! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!




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