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People have long searched for a holistic panacea that enhances our quality of life. Ginseng extract is considered to be such a panacea. Addressing a range of medical conditions, an extract of ginseng served as a tea is definitely helping us become happier.

Promote Heart Health

Ginseng may be useful in treating diseases of the heart. Some 40 ginsenoside constituents of ginseng have been identified to have beneficial effects on heart function. Through a wide variety of mechanisms including reducing platelet adhesion, antioxidation, modifying vasomotor function and improving lipid profiles, strong scientific evidence is emerging of these effects. Ginseng extract taken as a tea is calming, reduces hypertension and helps us become happier.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Ginseng extract is also helpful in normalizing blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes. Controlling blood sugar levels was demonstrated in a study that took place in the United Kingdom. The use of Ginseng proved positive in the study as blood sugar levels in 30 participants dropped to normal levels without adverse side effects.

Ginseng Extract and a Healthy Mind

Ginseng has a wide range of positive effects on mental function. Improved cognition and better memory, enhanced ability to recall with greater ease, as well as stronger focus during activities that demand a high degree of mental attention are some of the reasons people are seeing ginseng extract as a mental panacea. Studies have also taken place showing participants to experience improved reaction times, better abstract thinking and general happiness during tasks.

Enhance Athletic Ability

Ginseng is well known for its ability to adapt itself to a body’s individual needs. Some studies into the effects of ginseng extract show an increase in energy when given to people suffering fatigue. Other effects beneficial to sports men and women are as a general tonic and to improve reflexes, capacity for effort and endurance. There’s also a noticeable improvement in general wellbeing during convalescence.

Improve Sexual Health

Ginseng extract has ability to improve sexual function, mainly in men, thereby making people happier in sexual activities. Scientific study supports findings of improved ability, desire and overall satisfaction. Improving libido and performance, ginseng addresses issues of sexual function, potency, virility and self confidence.

Happier All Round

Having an amazing effect on our body as a whole, and with an inherent ability to satisfy an individual’s particular health shortfalls, the benefits of a daily dose of Ginseng Extract in the form of a tea are manifold. There have been studies showing benefits to our immune system if taken during bouts of flu and in other studies, ginseng use was shown to lower the risk of cancer.


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