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The cardiovascular system is a unit that comprises of heart, blood vessels and blood. Thus, cardiovascular health refers to a healthy functioning of this unit, which can be singularly enabled by a fruitful coordination of all of its three constituents.

It is true that there exist several natural techniques, which are recommended for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Some of those are following a healthy diet, pursuing moderate exercises, controlling tobacco use and reducing psychological stress.

However, following health regimes alone are not adequate for improving cardiovascular health. There is no assurance as to which diet is exactly “healthy” or how much exercise is “moderate”. Further, many individuals may have a hard time quitting tobacco, and stress is almost impossible to forgo.

Due to these uncertainties and inhibitions, nutrients are the best means for improving cardiovascular health. They are both effective and reliable.

Grape Seed Extract and resveratrol are the two most supportive nutrients for cardiovascular health.


The ground seed extracts of red wine grapes are referred to as Grape Seed Extracts. These extracts are known to work miracles for cardiovascular health. Grape Seed Extracts influence the cardiovascular system by

  • enriching blood circulation
  • lowering cholesterol
  • preventing plaque formation

Grape Seed Extracts improve cardiovascular health by helping arteries relax in order to enable an easy blood flow. They also help arteries by preventing the accumulation of plaque on artery walls.

Plaque is an unwanted mass of substance, which comprises of cholesterol, fats, cellular wastes, etc. Accumulation of this vestigial substance in arteries causes atherosclerosis.

Another boon of Grape Seed Extracts is that they prevent capillary damage. They help in the production of nitric oxide, which is the chemical required for smooth blood circulation and normal blood pressure.


The anti-oxidant found in grape skin and red grape juice is known as resveratrol. This anti-oxidant is known to have excellent effects on heart health. It:

  • prevents oxidation of cholesterol
  • prevents local coagulation
  • acts as a free radical scavenger
  • helps in nitric oxide production.

Being an anti-oxidant, resveratrol prevents the oxidation of LDL Cholesterol. This is favorable for cardiovascular health as it inhibits the accumulation of inflammatory cells, which promote plaque formation.

Resveratrol also prevents the cohesion of blood platelets. This is how it averts formation of local coagulation, which is a leading cause of heart attack.

Resveratrol’s property as an anti-oxidant also comes into action when it protects the arteries from free radicals. It inhibits oxidation of free radicals in order to prevent the damage of inner layer of arteries.

This nutrient also helps in the production of nitric oxide. As mentioned above, nitric oxide is a vital chemical for cardiovascular health. It helps blood vessels maintain their dilated state, which is crucial for smooth circulation of blood.



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